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Free and open educational program is designed to raise awareness among young people about sustainable mobility, the importance of environmental sustainability and raising awareness of the negative effects of engines on combustion on urban air quality.  


By presenting current technologies and their possible uses in transport, we will seek to encourage young people to become interested in hydrogen, raise technological awareness and encourage young people to choose to study and then pursue professions related to new hydrogen (H2) technologies.

By raising the awareness of young people about the positive effects of using hydrogen (H2) technologies, we are spreading ideas about the usefulness of hydrogen and the potentials of using hydrogen (H2) technologies.

The H2Student training and competition program will be held in parallel with the implementation of the project - "ZERO EMISSION MOBILITY CORRIDOR – SLOVENIA", led by ECUBES in Slovenia, which tackled the challenges of implementing hydrogen technologies in Slovenia.

Prof.Dr. Paul Ekins

"Clean transport is a fundamental part of the shift towards the sustainable society."

Dr. Matjaž Knez

"H2student’s mission is to grow awareness and competences for sustainable transport. We are happy to see, that young students are encouraging and enhancing interests of all participants to develop clean energy infrastructure required for clean sustainable mobility in our country."

Dr. Janez Potočnik

"Exploiting opportunities enabled by hydrogen technologies makes absolutely common sense."

Simon Zajc, Minister

"Hydrogen-derived energy is definitely one of those that show great potential that I want to succeed."

Hydrogen Science Education

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